Skincare Questions

1. How is Keomi Beauty different from other skincare products?

Japanese beauty routines have functioned for decades. Our Japanese natural ingredients have been tried and tested for thousands of years, and are further backed by independent clinical trials. So, we believe it’s safe to say that they work.
Also, to offer you the safest skin care products, we take care to ensure that our products are free from petroleum, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors & fragrances, or artificial colors.

2. How long does it take to see results?

Most people will notice a difference after four weeks.
With regular use, your skin would be softer, smoother, and even more without areas of oiliness and dryness. The best results are often observed once every six weeks when the top layer of skin typically sheds. The key is to use just a handful of products that your skin needs, thus letting its natural beauty shine

3. Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

To our knowledge, yes. All of the ingredients used in Keomi Beauty have been determined to be safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, for your safety and that of your child, we request that you check with your obstetrician before beginning any new skin care regimen.

4. Can your products be used by men?

Even though our ingredients are universal, we are aware that men's skin demands are different from those of women. Their skin is typically thicker and much more delicate after shaving.
Keomi Beauty’s products are ideally formulated for women's skin. However, our Matcha Tea Face Wash and Blue Clay Mask are perfect for all persuasions

5. What do you suggest for skin that is oily and prone to acne?

The best way to treat oily skin and reduce acne is to adhere to a routine that balances out the skin's oil production while keeping it hydrated and preventing any disruption of the dermis barrier.

We suggest you start with the Matcha Tea’s Micellar Water along with Matcha Tea Face Wash, followed by Matcha Toner. Also, please consult a qualified dermatologist for treatment if your acne is severe and chronic.

6. I have dry skin, especially in the winter. What products do you recommend?

This is a common problem and luckily, something that you can easily solve.

To make your skin soft & supple even in winters, consider using Matcha Tea Face Wash followed by Vitamin C Serum, and finish with Silk Cream.

Wash your face gently at least twice per day. Apply the Silk Cream frequently throughout the day, particularly when your skin feels dry and right after bathing or washing your hands.

Brand-Related Questions

1. Is Keomi Beauty cruelty-free?

Yes! All Keomi products are cruelty-free, and we don’t test on animals at any stage in our supply chain.

2. Does Keomi Beauty use parabens in its products?

We take care to ensure that none of our products include petroleum, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, or artificial colors.

3. Does Keomi Beauty do discounts, deal codes, and promotions?

We love to treat our customers with discounts & offers. To stay informed about the most recent special discounts and promotions, visit our page on deal codes and promotions.

4. Are your products fragrance-free?

Yes, all products are fragrance-free.

Most of our products contain a light, natural fragrance. The fragrance is a blend of all-natural aromatics. We promise that we always formulate without synthetic fragrances.

5. How should I keep your products - what is their shelf life?

Most of our skincare products have an unopened shelf life of two to three years. They don't require refrigeration; keep them in a cool, dark location. (Heat and light are skincare's enemies!) Once opened, the products last six months.

6. Are your products vegetarian?

Yes, all our products are vegetarian.

Order Related Questions

1. How will I know whether I was successful in placing my order?

After you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation in the email you provided. If you can’t see the email, please check your junk/spam folder to keep up with the order details.

Once your order is shipped, we will email shipping confirmation. We will get in touch with you if we can't complete your order.

2. Can I change or cancel an order after my order has been placed?

You may request to cancel or modify an order, but it is not guaranteed. If you happen to change your mind, please email us at or call +91 98781 11977, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Payments & Billing Related Questions

1. What type of payment methods are used on this website?

We offer multiple payment options to help you make an easy purchase:

Domestic credit or debit cards are issued by banks and institutions that are part of the Visa, Rupay, Amex & MasterCard networksPayment Wallet - PaytmInternational credit or debit cards, issued by banks and institutions that are part of the Visa, Rupay, Amex & MasterCard networksUPINetBanking

2. How will the billing be shown?

The Credit Card,Debit card transaction will appear on your bank statement as a payment to Keomi Beauty Private Limited.

Tracking And Delivery Related Questions

1. How can I track an order?

You will get a delivery confirmation email with tracking information as soon as an order is sent.

Tip: Please check your junk or spam folder in case our communication was filtered

2. What if my items arrived damaged?

Only products that were physically damaged or that were damaged in transit will be accepted for return.

An email with photos of the damaged product should be sent within the specified time for us to accept the request.

If you want to return all or part of your order, you need to inform us within 48 hours of receipt of the products by mailing to us at

If the product has been used, the seal has been broken, the serial number has been altered, or any of these things, returns will not be accepted. When we receive the returned item, we will check it out and verify the claim.

A refund or replacement will be given once the return has been accepted. If the product is ineligible for return, the product will be couriered back to you.


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3. Can I use more than one promotional coupon on one purchase?

No, there can only be one promotional coupon per purchase.

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