Rice Water

The centuries-old Asian home remedy of rice water is a shortcut to smooth, porcelain-finish skin. Japanese women unlocked this secret long ago and made it an inseparable part of their skincare regimen for its rich mineral content that aids healthy skin. The glass-like, youthful skin of Japanese women has triggered an interest in rice water in the Western world, and it is now reaching Indian shores. Rice water is known for brightening your skin with a lustrous glow while leaving a soothing effect on your skin. As an everyday essential for beautiful skin, it is rich in antioxidants and minimizes blemishes. Its inflammatory properties soothe sunburn, acting as a natural sunscreen.

Matcha Tea

Matcha is a high-grade green tea, a traditional East-Asian ingredient often referred to as the skin elixir in the skincare industry. This fine green powder stimulates elastin production in the skin, making it supple. Being an extremely rich source of antioxidants, it combats skin inflammation and reduces acne. As a result, you get radiant and flawless skin. Matcha can also revitalize skin that lacks oxygen due to sleepless nights, smoking, and toxic pollution. Moreover, the ancient Japanese tea turns skincare into a ritual that slows down the aging signs of the skin.

Kakadu Plum

Kakadu plum, also known as Billygoat Plum or Gubinge, is a storehouse of vitamins, antioxidants, and many other nutrients. It is popularly known as one of the best sources of vitamin C, containing 55 times more vitamin C than an orange. Because of this high Vitamin C content, Kakadu plum helps reduce dark circles and the puffiness under the eyes. It is also an effective remedy for pimples and skin infections. The antioxidants fight free radicals formed due to exposure to sunlight, pollution, and other environmental factors, reducing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. The folic acid and carotenoids present in this fruit are age-defying nutrients, preventing skin sagging and premature aging.

Yuzu Peel

Yuzu has long been known as a chief ingredient in Japanese skincare. While the fruit itself is never eaten on its own, its skin and juice are used in numerous ways in the beauty industry. This citrus fruit is famous for its effectiveness in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, the Yuzu extract is a lesser-known secret to skin firmness as it boosts collagen production. Having 3 times higher Vitamin C than a lemon, it protects your skin against UV rays and pollution, making it look brighter, youthful, and smooth. The regular application of Yuzu also increases blood circulation, nourishing the skin cells and giving you a glow-up. Its products contain an invigorating soothing citron scent, so its regular application can induce better sleep at night.

White Tea

White tea plays quite an important role when it comes to caring for your skin. it is said to be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in nature. This can help decrease acne by reducing inflammation and flushing out toxins which may be causing it.As it is packed with antioxidants, white tea can be an ideal candidate to tackle damage from the sun or environmental stressors so that skin continues to look clear and smooth.It can also help reduce the effect of free radicals on the body, which can cause wrinkles and fine lines, for skin to look plump and taut.

Cucumber Extract

You may be surprised to learn that cucumbers are made up of roughly 96% water, making them the perfect heatwave companion. As well as tasting delicious, cucumbers have many benefits when it comes to soothing and hydrating the skin. Over the years we’ve seen cucumber slices used for reducing puffiness and signs of fatigue around the eye area.


Bakuchiol is a natural plant-based ingredient that can promote cell turnover, prompting improvements in skin’s smoothness, texture, and tone. This up-and-coming plant extract is said to have been used in Chinese and Indian restorative medicine for years. Popularly known as retinol’s natural alternative, it helps with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and firmness. Moreover, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and antibacterial properties.

Green Tea

The active components of green tea are polyphenols (also called catechins) that are believed to benefit the skin due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties Due to its multifaceted nature, green tea has been studied as a treatment for a variety of dermatological conditions, such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, it can reduce the signs of sun damage, such as hyperpigmentation, rough texture, and fine lines.

Silk Extract

Silk extract, a natural protein fiber that comes from insect larvae, is similar to the molecular structure of the collagen fibers that make up our skin. Thus it has natural powers to speed up skin cell functioning and keeps acne and wrinkles at bay. Also, since it is rich in amino acids, it provides excellent moisture binding ability to the skin. Silk extracts, being their ultra-gentle self, don't irritate even the most sensitive skin. It forms a film on the skin surface for the application, which gives an immediate smoothing effect. Moreover, it improves skin elasticity, resulting in more buoyant, younger-looking skin.

Indigo Extract

Japanese indigo extract has been a centuries-old Ayurvedic ingredient used to soothe irritated skin. This magic herb can help you get rid of irritation, age spots, wrinkles, and blemishes. It also demonstrates skin-calming properties and regenerative properties that help to recover the skin due to pollution and environmental stress.


Aloe Vera, the modest houseplant is a miracle plant. Its involvement as an ingredient in your beauty regime can moisturize your skin and treat acne, eczema, and sunburn. Its regular application may also help you get rid of dark spots and stretch marks. This powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, like vitamins C and E and zinc, also helps in reducing the early signs of aging.